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Friday, January 29, 2016

One Step at a Time

January was a chaotic month... two days after listing our 100-year old adobe house for sale we got an offer. That meant we had one month to sell off everything that wouldn't fit in the van. Two days later the buyers backed out.

Chihuahua Hill, Silver City, NM

While that made for quite an emotional roller coaster, the truth is that we were actually relieved. The quick sale caught us off guard. Moving into our van in January wasn't going to be fun either and getting together the paperwork for going to Panama (the dog's health certificate, the van title, the FBI background check, a certified copy of our marriage license--from Hong Kong...) needed some time.

So we let out the sigh of relief, set about collecting the documents (it's a straightforward process getting documents from Hong Kong, but not simple to do long distance), fixing some things that the inspector for the people who had intended to buy the house found and looking at boats. (We are somewhat enamored of a UNION 36 for sale in Panama. If it's there when we sell the house we will definitely take a look.)

And dreaming of the sea, of course.

So the house is back on the market--for a mere $120,000 if you care. You can see it at

We are letting the universe guide the adventure. All of the adventures. The adventure of selling the house, the adventure of traveling around in our van (up to the Seattle area to see my Mom and other family, then to Panama), and then the adventure of seeing what Panama holds in store for us.