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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Late Night Reading


by Ed Teja

I know I'll sleep fitfully tonight
lie awake in my bed
reading nefarious meaning into all I hear.
I may even have to avoid the dark completely;
keep all the lights burning bright.

For my stomach is knotted with fear;
my optimism is vanquished,my energy spent.
I made the mistake of reading,
late into the night
a story that promised little but fright.
It was bent on creating vivid images, 
on filling my head
With horrifying scenes
And thoughts 
of murderous intent.

copyright 2012, Ed Teja all rights reserved

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quiet October

Actually our October isn't quiet at all. Just running in a number of directions.

We had a lovely visit from our friends Mandy and David, who comprise The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, an exciting street theatre group from Manningtree, England. They are on vacation and managed to make it to Kampot for a few days. We first met them in Hong Kong back in 1992 when they stayed with us on our junk. They had come to perform at the Fringe Festival. Now they have headed off for Bangkok to visit another old friend.

Next week we are back to Hong Kong ourselves for the first time since the end of 1992. It might have changed just a tad. Tom Tsui took this picture recently and while I can recognize a few things, it isn't the city we left behind.We will be hunting down elusive art supplies for Dagny and visiting our friends there. It will be a fast week and then home to get ready for making art.